Specialist copywriting for environmentally sustainable businesses

Translating your green credentials into powerful copy

If you run a business with a focus on environmentally sustainable products and services you need powerful, articulate copy that effectively sets out your stall and moves your target audience to action.

I’ve worked on a wide range of copywriting projects over the last 5 years – from automotive web copy to legal translation blogging and beyond – but one theme that keeps cropping up is sustainability and energy efficiency.

And there’s good reason for that. Over the last few years there has been a remarkable shift in the way businesses think about sustainability. It’s gone from being a trendy buzzword to something that is integral to contemporary business strategies.

Sustainability as strategy

Not only is there a huge worldwide market for sustainable goods and solutions, there are also substantial economic and environmental benefits to be gained from pivoting to environmentally conscious and socially responsible ways of doing business.

The organisations that are embracing this shift to sustainable operations are at the leading edge of a vital change; so vital it could just save our planet. They are the ones who stand to win over growing numbers of environmentally concerned consumers the world over.

They are the ones who are forging business models fit for a low carbon era that’s fast approaching. And they are the ones who will still be on the scene and flourishing when the dust has settled on a new, sustainable economy that puts people and planet before raw profits. 

How to leverage your green solutions

If you are involved in making this sustainable change happen you need to do three crucial things:

  1. Innovate products and services that embrace sustainable, low-carbon principles
  2. Find creative ways to talk about your products and services that show your commitment to sustainability from all angles.
  3. Tell the world about what you are doing in a way that resonates with your target audience

Naturally, you can’t do #2 or #3 before you’ve done #1, so if you’re still at stage one you’ll need to tick that off before you start thinking about hiring a copywriter to tell your story and put your environmental solutions into words.

But if you have a fantastic product range, or compelling service offer, get in touch with me and we can come up with a game plan that will make waves in your niche.

And before you think that I’m a bleeding-heart hippy (which I kinda am) who knows nothing of your bottom line (you’d be surprised), think again. 

Clients don’t just come to me because they want to look good; they come to me because they know they can make money from their sustainable business strategy… if they can only find the right copywriter to help inspire their ideal customers and move them to action. So get in touch!

Case study: The Retrofit Academy

The challenge

The Retrofit Academy (TRA) have created an interactive digital learning platform and Centre of Excellence to train a new generation of retrofit professionals to deliver quality-assured domestic retrofit to millions of UK homes. 

They are the only accredited training organisation in their field, however they didn’t want to be seen as just a training provider, but an industry   committed to developing best practice and fostering leadership in their sector. 

They needed copy that reflected this overarching vision whilst attracting candidates to their training courses and encouraging them to join an annual career development programme. They also offered support and knowledge services for housing organisations like social landlords and local authorities. 

The process

I worked with creative agency Socially Grown to produce a range of web content to promote TRA’s revamped offerings. I audited the client’s original site copy to see where they were coming from, poured over their strategy documents to see where they were going, and met with Socially Grown and TRA marketing specialists to dive into the nuances of the project. 

To really get inside this project I researched similar organisations in related fields, paying close attention to the language they used, from sentence structure to grammar forms, to individual word choice. The idea with this approach is to position brands within the linguistic world they seek to inhabit, rather than merely imitating existing copy.

I also looked outside the housing sector to better understand what it means to provide a centre of excellence and be industry leaders in other fields, from tech to architecture and beyond. Once I had orientated myself in the project, and new how to position TRA in their niche, it was time to create the copy. 

The results

I produced a series of web pages including home pages, landing pages, product offerings, and blog posts promoting The Retrofit Academy’s offerings to their target audience. Every page explored a different aspect of their service offerings, and targeted different audience personas. 

TRA homepage copy:

I focussed on language that positioned TRA as thought-leaders, industry specialists, and leading community facilitators with a commitment to the wider retrofit industry and UK energy efficiency targets. 

TRA PDF Prospectus

TRA CPD service page

My client was very happy with my “pitch perfect” copy, and I was happy to have another adjective to describe the value of my writing!

If you need compelling, effective copy to promote your business’s green solutions email me at dannirowanpoulton[AT]gmail[DOT]com.