Man drives digger across tightropes at British theme park

The chairman of a construction-themed amusement park in Britain drove a more than 2-ton digger a distance of nearly 100 feet across a pair of tightropes.

Hugh Edeleanu, chairman of the Diggerland theme park in Strood, Kent, England, drove the Komatsu PC14 digger across two parallel ropes suspended about 13 feet in the air.

“A lot of people have done balancing stunts with diggers and I thought a couple of tightropes and a digger at high level sounded like a challenge,” Edeleanu told KentOnline. “I practiced it on a bit of metal first at a high level but that was a solid piece of metal that didn’t move.”

Edeleanu said he had some fears before his attempt.

“I was a bit worried that it would be like trying to get into a hammock, where you get halfway in and it turns upside down, so if that had happened, that would have been a real problem,” he said. “But I did all the engineering calculations beforehand and sure enough, it paid off.”