What makes my content so effective?

My content has been shown to boost organic traffic by 237% and increase CTAs by 39%, based on client feedback I’ve received.

After spending a lot of time reflecting on it, here are some of the factors I think make my content so effective:

  • Publishing frequent content: 4-6 blog posts per month.
  • Providing practical and enlightening information and insights in my work, mining the internet for concrete examples to support key points.
  • A generous use of authorative links, images and video embeds where appropriate.
  • Using plenty of headings and subheadings to make my content reader-friendly, and to give search engines plenty to work with.
  • Organically incorporating keywords into both the text body and headers where appropriate, whilst avoiding “stuffing” at all times.
  • Actually trying to develop practical strategies and “eureka” insights to help solve audience pain points.
  •  Being aware of exactly who is likely to be reading the articles, and bending the content towards them.
  • Being conscious that readers’ time is precious and not wasting their time with pointless filler.
  • Carefully observing the best practices of fellow content marketers and trying to make sure my content is the best on the web.
What factors do you think lead to effective content? Let’s have a discussion in the comments.