A quick guide to SEO

Analytics graph going up

This post aims to be a constantly updated quick reference guide with practical tips on how to ensure your content is properly optimised for search.

The advice here is based on guidance from both Google and the Yahoo Bing Network. Most of the tips apply to all major search engines; some, like using meta keyword tags, only apply to Bing/Yahoo.

As you should aim to rank for all search engines and not just Google I’ve amalgamated all these tips into one list.

If you have any questions about proper SEO techniques, please let me know in comments.

SEO tips

  • Use h tags to structure your content
  • Only use one h1 tag per page
  • Use bold and italics for emphasis
  • Keep titles between 5 and 65 characters in length
  • Meta descriptions should be between 25 and 150  characters
  • Publish content regularly
  • Ensure content is unique
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Use images and embedded video
  • Black hat seo tactics can get you banned from search!

Breakdown of a viral Tweet

I posted a punny reply to a friend’s tweet over on my personal Twitter account and it got added to a Twitter Moment.

At first, only a few likes came in…

But 24 hours later it had received over 500 likes and 35 retweets.

…and generated over 278,500 impressions.

Needless to say this was completely unplanned, but that’s kind of the point. I’ve been consciously using twitter more frequently and am taking more time to comment and retweet other people’s stuff because otherwise I’m tweeting in a vacuum.